It's all about life choices! Freedom to plan your future!


Highlands Maternity Home is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to young women facing an unplanned pregnancy and who have questions about their future. Highlands has helped more than 3,000 young women across the country by providing a loving Christian home and program that leads them through brokenness and towards a bright future. Our Christian living environment offers the remedy to fear and anxiety. At Highlands, young women are given the love and support needed for a new start.

We are advancing our services to better serve 21st century culture and needs. Our Highlands Maternity Home residential program for minors on our Hillcrest Children's Home campus in Hot Springs, AR will remain the same. We are relocating our adoption services to Springfield, MO and will be adding adult services for non-resident girls in need in the future.
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Watch the testimonials below to hear more about how Highlands has helped young girls navigate this new and unfamiliar chapter in their lives:

Rebecca's Story, Former Highlands Resident

Leah's Story, Former Highlands Resident