Gloria Adams** - Volunteer Receptionist


Russell Bayless - Properties and Maintenance


Matt & Olga Blockson - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents


Micheal & Elizabeth Burden - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents


Richard Cicero - Properties and Maintenance


Amber Duvall - Respite Care Coordinator

Cody Elliott - Resident Assistant


Alice Ellsworth - Food Services Co-Manager


Ervin Ellsworth - Food Services Co-Manager

Kent Ferguson - Respite Resident Assistant


Will Ford, CRC Program Assistant/Case Manager


Randall Gant - Assistant Administrator / Operations Director


Rhonda Gant – Human Resources / Insurance Coordinator


Chris & Deidra Gray - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents


Paula Hall - Senior Director of Social Services


Jan Hircock** – MAPS Volunteer


Jordan Holt - TLC Case Manager/Life Skills Coordinator

Randy & Susan Hughes - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents

Jill Huntington – Program Manager of Hillcrest


Cynthia Jackson - Receptionist


Bailey & Jennifer Jones - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents


Megan Launius - Residential Therapist


Nathan & Jeni McCann - Hillcrest Children's Home Relief Houseparents

Jay Mooney – Executive Director / Administrator


Gary Nelson** - Properties and Maintenance Volunteer


Lance Nelson - Hillcrest Children's Home Case Manager


Tammy Nelson, R.N. - Health Services Manager


LaDana Pate - Program Manager of Therapeutic Foster Care and Residential Treatment


Brian Paullus – IT/Security


Lonni Pechacek - Hillcrest Children's Home Case Manager


Samuel & Ashley Peterson - Hillcrest Children's Home Relief Houseparents


Lori Ritz - Highlands Houseparent

Trey Ritz - Respite/Resident Assistant Float


Mikala Sebren - Admin Assistant to Social Services Director


John Siebert - Program Manager of Highlands, TLC, and Respite


Marcia Siebert - Highlands Case Manager 


Cindy Sparks* - ACAP Counselor Assistant


Joyce Swartz – Intake Coordinator


Rob Swartz – Social Services Specialist


David Todd* – ACAP Clinical Counselor


Patty Vessel - Accounting Manager

Taylor Watkins - Ministry Assistant


Jaclyn Watson - Home Study Specialist / Family Consultant

Baron & Regena Way - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents

Joel Wingo - Volunteer and Community of Care Coordinator

Richelle Wingo – Projects and Publications Coordinator / Administrative Assistant to Executive Director / Sponsorship Coordinator


Janaisa Yarbrough - Respite Resident Assistant Overnight


Jeremy & Karinthia York - Hillcrest Children's Home Relief Houseparents


*   ACAP employee on assignment with COMPACT

** Volunteer