Gloria Adams** - Receptionist


Micheal & Elizabeth Burden - Hillcrest Children's Home Children's Home Houseparents, Garrison Cottage (elementary girls)


Alice Ellsworth - Receptionist / Social Services Administrative Assistant


Ervin Ellsworth - Properties and Maintenance Director


Terry & Marilyn Erickson - Hillcrest Children's Home Relief Houseparents

Jessi Esterling, LCSW # - Program Implementation

Katee Fendley - Health Services Coordinator


Will Ford, Hillcrest Children's Home Case Manager


Dan & Cindy Fredrickson – Hillcrest Children’s Home Houseparents, Wilmoth Cottage (teen girls)


Randall Gant - Assistant Administrator / Operations Director


Rhonda Gant – Human Resources / Accounting


JD Grant - Operations Specialist / IT


Ashley Grant – Highlands Maternity Home Director & Case Manager


Keith and Louise Hannon – Food Services Coordinators


Bill & Jan Hircock** – MAPS Volunteers, Woodshop / Warehouse


Jill Huntington – Hillcrest Children’s Home Case Manager


Jay Mooney – Executive Director / Administrator


Chuck & Jackie Myers - Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents, Gilliam Cottage (teen girls)

Gary Nelson** - Maintenance Assistant


Brian & Heather Paullus – Hillcrest Children’s Home Houseparents, Anthony Cottage (young boys)


Shana Sims - Administrative Assistant to Executive Director Hillcrest Sponsorship Coordinator


Cindy Sparks* - ACAP Counselor Assistant


Joyce Swartz – Records / Compliance / Adoption Coordinator


Rob Swartz – Social Services Director


David Todd* – ACAP Clinical Counselor

Jaclyn Watson - Hillcrest Children's Home Case Manager

Baron & Regena Way - Hillcrest Children's Home Children's Home Houseparents, Netzel Cottage (teen boys)

Joel Wingo - Transitional Living Center Director / TLC Case Manager

Richelle Wingo – Projects and Publications Coordinator / TLC Assistant


*   ACAP employee on assignment with COMPACT

** Volunteer

# Not an Employee